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As a member, you will get to see prominent, articulate conservatives speak live at our monthly meetings.


But that's only the beginning. You can also participate in action groups, make a difference in the political arena … and, most importantly, get to know lots of fellow conservatives - believe it or not, right here in Silicon Valley!


Ticket prices for most of our monthly events are as follows:

  • Members: FREE

  • First-Time Guests: $5

  • Returning Guests: $15


Three to four times a year, the Forum offers a Special Event with an especially prominent speaker. Pricing for Special Events varies. Members receive a discount from the non-member cost for Special Events.


The Liberty Forum offers several Membership levels. A regular member can upgrade to Premium Membership any time during the year. Renewals are due each year on January 1.


If you join now, your membership is valid through the end of 2018. Your next renewal date will be January 1, 2019!

Individual Membership


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