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Kurt is a rising star in conservative punditry and definitely should not be missed. If you haven't already had the chance to enjoy his acerbic wit coupled with mordant political commentary, please be sure to seek out his incisive work in media outlets such as, Breitbart, RealClearPolitics, The Federalist, American Greatness and as a frequent guest host on the Salem Radio Network.

Trial lawyer, conservative pundit, author, stand-up comic

Kurt A. Schlichter

October 13, 2020

The Coming Crisis and the Path to Conservative Victory


John Yoo

Berkeley Law Professor John Yoo is very comfortable around controversy, but voting for Donald Trump in 2016 was a step too far. Now he realizes he was wrong - that Trump campaigns like a populist, but governs like a constitutional conservative. One of America's best-known conservative constitutional scholars, Professor Yoo is the Emanuel Heller Professor of Law at the University of California at Berkeley, a Visiting Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, and a Visiting Fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University.

Constitutional scholar, author

John Yoo

September 8, 2020

Defender-in-Chief: Trump's Constitutional Battles

Andy Ngo

From coast to coast, a far-left revolutionary movement calling itself “antifa” has organized mass violence on the streets of major American cities. Despite its well-documented track record of extremism, antifa finds support on the mainstream left. Few reporters have dared to get close enough to expose this radical rabble of rioters. Andy Ngo, editor-at-large of The Post Millennial, has done so, enduring not only threats but repeated physical assaults, to shine a light on these thugs.

Journalist, author, editor-at-large of The Post Millennial

Andy Ngo

August 11, 2020

Antifa's Revolt Against America

Damien Schiff

It often feels like we are living through a never-ending series of national crises. Mr. Schiff's talk focuses on the constitutional basis of emergency powers, the California Emergency Services Act, and how the courts view emergency measures that infringe on property and contract rights.

Senior Attorney, Pacific Legal Foundation

Damien Schiff

July 14, 2020

Liberties and Limitations in a Time of Crisis

Scott W. Atlas, MD

Many officials continue to pursue a COVID-19 mitigation policy of broad societal lockdown focusing on containing the spread of the disease at all costs, instead of the original objective of “flattening the curve” and preventing hospital overcrowding. Although well-intentioned, the lockdown was imposed without consideration of its consequences beyond those directly resulting from the pandemic. Dr. Atlas will relate how continuing these lockdown policies are yielding devastating ramifications far beyond the damage of the virus itself.

Robert Wesson Senior Fellow of Scientific Philosophy and Public Policy at the Hoover Institution of Stanford University

Scott W. Atlas, MD

June 23, 2020

COVID-19 Science, Policy and Lessons To Be Learned

June Gilliam

An inside look at China from a former member of the Chinese Communist Party

Public speaker offering insights about China

June Gilliam

June 9, 2020

China, Coronavirus and the Real Solution

Steven Hayward

The COVID-19 crisis hit shockingly hard and fast, and has upended every aspect of our lives, not least our liberties. The result is a crisis like none we have experienced in our lifetimes. It has been compared to a war, albeit against an invisible enemy with an objective we haven't defined.

Steven Hayward, Senior Resident Scholar at the Institute of Governmental Studies at UC Berkeley and a visiting professor at the Goldman School of Public Policy, shares his thoughts on this unprecedented catastrophe.

Author, political commentator

Steven Hayward

May 12, 2020

Why This Crisis is Like No Other

Bill Gertz

How China contributed to the global Covid-19 pandemic

China expert, author

Bill Gertz

April 14, 2020

China's Role In the Covid-19 Crisis

Trevor Loudon

​Mr. Loudon’s remarkable investigative work has revealed that what is commonly regarded as mainstream political policy is in fact driven and guided by hidden subversive elements. The Democratic party’s consistent defunding of the US military, Obamacare, the Iran Nuclear Deal, normalization of relations with Cuba, Islamic refugee re-settlement, $15 minimum wage, fracking bans, pipeline shutdowns and the push for illegal alien amnesty are all consistent with far-left and Islamist agendas.

Best-selling author

Trevor Loudon

March 10, 2020

The Communist Takeover of the Democrat Party

Michelle Malkin

Until recently, a national consensus held that America should be in control of its border, and that the laws on the books should be applied fairly and dispassionately to determine who can enter the United States. No more. The modern Democratic Party seems to be all-in for open borders, and, until President Trump's insurgent candidacy of 2016 shocked the political world, Republicans were at best tepid in their defense of our borders. ​No country can survive if it doesn't control its own borders. This used to be considered common sense. But now, if you oppose open borders, you will surely be accused of racism if not worse. ​This change didn't happen in a vacuum. Powerful interests with substantial resources (and a penchant for secrecy) helped usher in a new age and new attitudes about immigration. Conservative super-star Michelle Malkin exposes these shadowy actors and reveals who is funding America's destruction.

Television commentator, blogger, columnist, activist, best-selling author

Michelle Malkin

February 11, 2020

Open Borders, Inc.: Who Is Funding America's Destruction?

James Lileks

If you ever feel like the United States is splitting into two countries, you aren’t alone. Attitudes in the “Blue” states along the coasts and the “Red” states in the heartland are diverging. It’s as though we can’t even agree on basic facts any more. And the folks who call themselves “tolerant” seem to get less tolerant of disagreement every day. Puzzled? Frustrated? Aggravated? Join the club! (Literally - we’re always looking for new members!) Nationally syndicated pundit James Lileks shares his perspective on the split between the Midwest and the Coastal elites.

Nationally-syndicated pundit; best-selling author, columnist, podcaster, blogger

James Lileks

January 14, 2020

The Midwest vs. Coastal Elites: a Family Squabble, or Civil War?

Nick Adams

Nick Adams, founder of the Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness (FLAG), immigrated to the United States in 2016. Since then he has tirelessly extolled the virtues of the American concept of liberty.

Founder, Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness

Nick Adams

December 10, 2019

Teaching Love of the United States

John J. Miller

The age of Fake News is upon us. CNN has succumbed to Trump Derangement Syndrome. MS-NBC seamlessly merges opinion with fact. CBS tries to take down a president with blatant lies, and calls their smears "fake but accurate" when they are caught. Can any reporter be trusted? Surely not every journalist is a biased hack...right? Hillsdale Journalism Chair John J. Miller reports on the state of Fake News - why it seems so prevalent; how you can detect it; and what ordinary citizens can do to fight back. Prof. Miller is known to be one of the best literary journalists in the country. He is a gifted speaker with remarkable insights.

Hillsdale Journalism Chair

John J. Miller

November 12, 2019

Living in the Age of Fake News

Candace Owens

Superstar Candace Owens is leading the way in showing black Americans that liberty and economic opportunity is a better path forward than dependency on a government handout - and showing them which political party leads the way in the right direction. Candace Owens left the Democrat party in 2016 and launched the BLEXIT movement, showing black Americans that the Democrat Party does NOT have their best interest at heart. Her powerful testimony to Congress explains that the real problem facing Black America is not white supremacy (which is a tiny, fringe occurence), but rather the absence of fathers. She is single-handedly leading thousands off the Democrat plantation. Her Twitter exchanges with the likes of Kanye West and Donald Trump have become the stuff of legend.

Founder, #BLEXIT; former Communications Director, Turning Point USA

Candace Owens

October 15, 2019

Blexit! The Black Exodus From the Party of Dependency

Kay Coles James

Kay Coles James scared Google so badly, they disbanded an advisory board they created before it could even meet. As President of the Heritage Foundation, America's premiere conservative think tank, Ms. James is an articulate defender of the values of America's founding. Leftists threw a fit when Google put her on an advisory panel earlier this year. Rather than defend the decision to include someone who might not agree with the liberal party line, Google scrapped the panel altogether. (Nothing says "tolerance" like refusing to tolerate a black woman who thinks for herself.) She is no stranger to public policy and leadership. She has been making conservative solutions a reality in all levels of government and academia for over 30 years. She is a thought leader whose position at the helm of the Heritage Foundation cements her legacy as a leading light of the conservative movement.

President, Heritage Foundation

Kay Coles James

September 10, 2019

Charting True North: the Future of the Conservative Movement

Andrew McCarthy

The hysteria brought on by the radical left in opposition to President Trump has done incalculable damage to the country. Credulous journalists were convinced that Robert Mueller’s investigation of the Trump administration would reveal collusion with a foreign government that would end his presidency – or at least cripple it, to prevent his policies from being enacted. Instead the Mueller probe ended with a whimper – no collusion. And yet the left persists in repeating its discredited accusations of scandal. Was Mueller's probe legitimate? Or was it, as some believe, a soft coup - an attempt to reverse the 2016 election and take down President Trump. Andrew McCarthy, the prosecutor who gained fame putting the blind sheik Omar Abdel Rahman and his cohorts in prison, has spent countless hours investigating the investigators. Mr. McCarthy is a senior fellow and columnist at National Review. Mr. McCarthy reveals what he has learned.

National Review columnist; former Assistant US Attorney for the Southern District of New York

Andrew McCarthy

August 13, 2019

The Mueller Probe

Kathy Platoni

Despite saturation media coverage of the 2009 Fort Hood shooting, the truth of the event remains shrouded in mystery. War trauma expert Dr. Kathy Platoni witnessed the slaughter first-hand. She will join us to share what really happened the day an Islamic lunatic infiltrated the US Army and murdered his fellow soldiers en masse.

War trauma expert; retired Army colonel

Kathy Platoni

July 9, 2019

What Really Happened at Fort Hood

Damien Schiff

Ronald Reagan famously said that the nine scariest words in the English language are "I'm from the government, and I'm here to help." There is much truth behind this wry humor. Government bureaucrats wield enormous power to take private property, or to encumber it in ways that make it effectively unusable. But what can a private citizen do against the awesome power of government? Damien Schiff, Senior Attorney at the Pacific Legal Foundation, has an answer. Mr. Schiff defends families against government infringement of landowner rights. He focuses on private property rights, especially environmental and land-use issues.

Senior attorney at the Pacific Legal Foundation.

Damien Schiff

June 11, 2019

In Defense of Property Rights: Protecting Private Citizens Against Government Overreach

Marc Morano

If you listen to liberals, you might think the Earth is constantly on the verge of destruction - and the only way to stop it is to give government more control over your life. Elite liberals are only too happy to sacrifice YOUR lifestyle choices to prevent the disaster on the horizon. And the threat has inexplicably evolved over the past several decades: remember nuclear winter, or global warming? Every time the data doesn't fit the desired conclusion, the rules of the game change. Marc Morano, founder of, has done phenomenal work exposing the fraud. He is a prominent skeptic of the modern dogma that mankind (and especially the US) is making choices that are causing the climate to change. He is the author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change. Come see him live and in person, and learn how you can help defend liberty against the hoax known as Climate Change.

Former Republican political aide who founded and runs the website ClimateDepot is a project of the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow, a non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C.

Marc Morano

May 14, 2019

Climate Hustle: Debunking the Climate Change Hoax

Robert Sirico

Father Robert Sirico is the founder of the Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty. In his popular book, Defending the Free Market: The Moral Case for a Free Economy, Rev. Sirico shows how a free economy is not only the best way to meet society's material needs but also the surest protection of human dignity against government encroachment. Animated by a strong sense of social justice, he began a well-intentioned but ill-conceived career in leftist activism until a serious grappling with the principles of economics (and reality) led him to reevaluate his commitments, and discover the moral foundation of a flourishing society.

An American Roman Catholic priest, and the founder of the Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty of Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is a political, religious, and cultural commentator.

Robert Sirico

April 9, 2019

Defending the Free Market: The Moral Case for a Free Economy

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