Would You Want the DMV Raising Your Child?

Defending Parental Rights and Civil Liberties

Brad Dacus

President & Founder

Pacific Justice Institute

August 14, 2018

Imagine the DMV raising your child.

Sound far-fetched? Maybe not. The national lurch to the left under Obama has the government providing your health care, managing your bank, and telling you what you can drive. And even in the age of Trump, California's radical leftists continue to run (you might say ruin) the state. So why not take over your role as a parent?

Brad Dacus founded the Pacific Justice Institute to defend parental rights and prevent exactly the sort of nightmare scenario the Left desires. Under Mr. Dacus' brilliant and determined leadership, since its founding in 1997, the Institute has developed a reputation as a staunch defender of civil liberties.

Join us on August 14, 2018 to hear about the latest threats to parental rights, and how you can fight back.

Doors open at 6:15 pm

Program begins at 7:00 pm

Location: 432 Stierlin Road, Mountain View


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