Is California the "BLUEprint" for the

Rest of the Country?

Featuring Stephen Frank
Publisher & Editor of California

Political News and Views

March 9, 2021

7:00 pm PST




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Is California the "BLUEprint" for the rest of the country? The Golden State, once solidly red and Ronald Reagan conservative, has become the poster child for outrageous laws and dysfunction. California's controversial laws ("Sanctuary Cities," guns & ammo restrictions, doling out taxpayer funded benefits to illegal immigrants, etc.)—all upheld by radical DAs and rogue courts—are spreading to the rest of the country.

"When Sacramento makes a (bad) joke, it becomes law. Other States then steal our jokes," quips Stephen. Unrivaled in his knowledge of what is brewing state-wide, he still remains optimistic. As a political researcher, consultant and commentator, he’s been working behind the scenes in California politics for decades and has plans for how we can make our Golden State shine again. Find out how you can be part of restoring California!

ABOUT Stephen Frank: Mr. Frank is the publisher and editor of California Political News and Views, speaking all over California and appearing as a guest or guest host on several radio shows each week. He is a full time political consultant.

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